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NDPTL eCMR aims to identify and propose solutions for the legal and ICT infrastructure challenges, including transboundary compatibility of the NDPTL partners in enabling and mainstreaming digital exchange of the standardised consignment note – eCMR – document.

The project builds upon the DIGINNO, DIGINNO-Proto and DINNOCAP projects that have worked with preparing, planning and running the cross-border digitalisation of eCMR.

The project aims at

The activties comprise of:

  1. A study/overview of the legal framework for application of eCMR across the NDPTL countries;
  2. Draft Regional RoadMap with steps to mainstream electronic transport documents (mainly eCMR) in the NDPTL
    countries area;
  3. Mapping of necessary funding needs and possible funding to continue eCMR implementation activities in the NDPTL
    countries beyond the applied project;
  4. Analysis of technical possibilities for use of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) with eCMR;
  5. Further development of the existing eCMR prototype developed within projects Diginno, DinnoCap and DinnoProto;
  6. Dissemination of the information about the benefits of using eCMR for businesses and governments;
  7. A final conference on eCMR pilot project.

THE PROJECT has four workpackages:
WP1 – Project implementation management
WP 2 – Study on eCMR readiness, implementation roadmap and MoU
WP 3 – Further development of eCMR prototype
WP 4 – Outreach and dissemination of the eCMR activities

PROJECT period: July 2022 until 30 June 2023